Grade 9 Life Orientation

11 May 2020 work

12 May 2020 work

13 May 2020 work

14 May 2020 work

15 May 2020 work

Please familiarise yourself with the Grade 10 Subject Choices Brochure I have attached. This specific brochure is from the University of Pretoria and provide useful information regarding subject choices in Grade 9 (for later tertiary studies). (Credit: University of Pretoria)

18 May 2020 work

19 May 2020 work

21 May 2020 work

26 May 2020 work

28 May 2020 work

1 June 2020 work

Please use this week to work out the past exam paper attached (as revision). Memo will be posted on Friday.

5 June 2020 work

8 June 2020

10 June 2020

Please note that we are starting with Term 3’s work. Kindly indicate in your workbooks that this is the new term’s work.

12 June 2020

17 June 2020

22 June 2020

24 June 2020

1 July 2020

Since the Grade 9’s will be back on a weekly basis this is the last work I will post on the zero-rated website. The work posted today is also part of the pack you received on Tuesday.

20 July 2020

Please mark activity 5-7 and complete activity 8-11 for homework this week.

3 August 2020

Please see memos for activity 8-10. Activity 11 does not have a memo and we will have a discussion about it in class. We have completed term 3’s work. We will start with term 4’s work on Monday 10 August.

12 August 2020

Please use this week to complete the following three activities (Please complete it in your 72 page book). Kindly indicate in your book that this is where Term 4’s work start.

17 August 2020

Please complete the below activity this week (there will be no other homework this week, only the below activity)

24 August 2020